About us

  • History of La Crevette du Nord Atlantique inc.

    Since 1981, La Crevette du Nord Atlantique inc specializes in the transformation of the northern shrimp, also called pandalus borealis, an abundant resource coveted by gourmets around the world. With nearly 150 employees, the company is a major employer in the small coastal village of Anse-au-Griffon, within the province of Quebec in Atlantic Canada.

    Of unparalleled quality the northern shrimp processed by la Crevette du Nord Atlantique inc. is harvested in the pollution free waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a marine environment surpassed by none. Shellfish dwelling there are abundant and of exceptional quality, as they grow in one of the best marine environments in the world.

  • Main fishing area

    Shrimp Lobster
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  • Exporting Countries

    Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA and Canada