Affiliated companies

  • Les Poudres Marines du St-Laurent

    Les Poudres Marines du St-Laurent was founded in 2013 to fully valorise the shrimp biomass. More than 65 percent of this crustacean is not used for its meat (unused weight includes the head and shell). Our affiliated company, Les Poudres Marines du St-Laurent, is able to make use of this considerable biomass. And the environment-friendly nature of the company’s operations does not end there; valorising this biomass also keeps the equivalent of 100 semi-trailer loads of waste out of the sanitary landfill.

    Les Poudres Marines du St-Laurent was the first company in Canada to offer food-grade shrimp shell powder. It produces about 350 tonnes per year.

  • Les Crustacés de Malbaie Inc.

    Crustacés de Malbaie Inc. distributes live lobster, primarily on the Québec market. The company also sells whole cooked lobster, distributed on ice, in 15- and 30-pound formats.

    The products are shipped by refrigerated truck, several times a week. The season usually begins in late April and ends 10 weeks later, around the end of June. The company obtains its lobster from various fishing areas on the Gaspé coast, the Magdalen Islands, Anticosti Island and Nova Scotia.

  • Transport Gesco

    Transport Gesco was founded in 1994 to improve the quality of its shipments bound for Montréal and Québec City. We are also able to serve markets in Northeastern United States. We have a 4-truck fleet and more than 7 refrigerated trailers, so we can meet any order quickly.