Our history

1980: Foundation of La Crevette du Nord Atlantique Inc.

1982-1983: First exports to the United States and Switzerland.

1990: Imposition of the cod fishing moratorium. The shareholders drop cod-related production to focus on shrimp processing.

1994: Creation of Transport Gesco: Vertical integration of a distribution system.

1994: Purchase of the first optical sorter: A first in Canada!

Late 1990s: Market diversification in Europe: New markets sought in Scandinavian countries.

2004: Construction of a cold store in Rivière-au-Renard.

2009: Purchase of a new optical sorting technology: Laser technology arrives at the plant.

2010: Packaging unit moves to Rivière-au-Renard.

2012: Processing equipment is fully modernised: Raw material cleaning, central convection cooker, cooling prior to peeling, automated supply to the peelers.

2013: Creation of Poudres Marines du St-Laurent, which processes shrimp shell waste to make a powder that is used to make soups: Another first in Canada!

2014: Modernisation of the packaging unit in Rivière-au-Renard: An automated scale and an automated packager enter operation