SQF (Safe Quality Food)

La Crevette du Nord Atlantique Inc. has held SQF (Safe, Quality Food) certification since 2011. This standard guarantees the quality and food safety of our products. http://www.sqfi.com/


C-TPAT (Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

The company holds C-TPAT  ( Custom-Trade Parternship Against Terrorism), certification, an American standard that safeguards the trade industry from terrorism.

haccp H.A.C.C.P (Hazard and Analysis of Critical Control Point)

The plant is HACCP  ( Hazard and Analysis of Critical Control Point), accredited; this international standard guarantees food safety.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)

La Crevette du Nord has been Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), this standard certifies fishery sustainability.