• Our team

    The success we have achieved since La Crevette du Nord Atlantique first began its activities is due not only to the quality of our products but also to the excellent work and cooperation of our employees. Human capital is the soul of our enterprise.

    To maintain our position as a leader in the northern shrimp processing sector, it is essential to deal fairly with our employees, and remain attentive to the needs of all individuals.

    To maintain our position as an employer of choice, we recognise our employees and continually seek to contribute to their personal satisfaction. We bank on the ongoing improvement of their work environment.

    To maintain our position as a responsible employer, we make sure each and every member of the team at La Crevette du Nord Atlantique is committed to promoting and implementing safe work habits at all times. This is our best guarantee to ensure ongoing improvement in health and safety.



  • Our history

    1980: Foundation of La Crevette du Nord Atlantique Inc.

    1982-1983: First exports to the United States and Switzerland.

    1990: Imposition of the cod fishing moratorium. The shareholders drop cod-related production to focus on shrimp processing.

    1994: Creation of Transport Gesco: Vertical integration of a distribution system.

    1994: Purchase of the first optical sorter: A first in Canada!

    Late 1990s: Market diversification in Europe: New markets sought in Scandinavian countries.

    2004: Construction of a cold store in Rivière-au-Renard.

    2009: Purchase of a new optical sorting technology: Laser technology arrives at the plant.

    2010: Packaging unit moves to Rivière-au-Renard.

    2012: Processing equipment is fully modernised: Raw material cleaning, central convection cooker, cooling prior to peeling, automated supply to the peelers.

    2013: Creation of Poudres Marines du St-Laurent, which processes shrimp shell waste to make a powder that is used to make soups: Another first in Canada!

    2014: Modernisation of the packaging unit in Rivière-au-Renard: An automated scale and an automated packager enter operation

  • Our commitment

    Provide our clients with exceptional quality northern shrimp at competitive prices, that surpass international food safety standards.

    Flexibility and quick delivery
    We pack our goods according to our clients’ product and packaging specifications, either under our own Caravelle brand or the client’s private labels.

    Having integrated a privately-owned transportation company into our sales system, we are able to deliver our products quickly and flexibly via a single desk!